Subsidiary Company

Ltd Gardabani Powerplant

Ltd Gardabani Powerplant was established on August 30, 2012. JSC Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation (GOGC) owns 51% of the company shares and JSC Partnership Fund owns 49%.

Ltd “Gardabani Powerplant” implemented Gardabani Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) Project. Estimated cost of the project was USD 230 million. The capacity of the power plant is 230 megawatts. CCPP has been opened in July 2015. Gardabani TPP 2"


LTd Gardabani TPP 2

"Gardabani TPP 2" was registered in the Entrepreneurial Register on September 1, 2016. JSC "Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation" is 100% shareholder in this company. "Gardabani TPP 2" is implementing 230 MW combined cycle TPP construction project in Gardabani Municipality. At this stage, construction works of TPP are underway.


 LLC  Kartli Wind Farm

    JSC "Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation" became holder of 49.9% of shares of "Kartli Wind Farm" LLC on December 18, 2015 (51.1% of shares are owned by JSC "Georgian Energy Development Fund"). "Kartli Wind Farm" LLC is the owner of wind power plant located in Gori region. The construction of the wind power plant finished in 2016 and since then the power plant has been operated successfully and generating electric power using wind energy.


LLC Enguri Pumped-Storage Power Plant 

  On June 13, 2018 JSC "Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation" established "Enguri Pumped-Storage Power Plant" LLC (GOGC holds 40% of shares in this company) together with "Enguri HPP" and JSC "Georgian Energy Development Fund". The main purpose of "Enguri Pumped-Storage Power Plant" LLC is construction of a pumped-storage power plant and after finalization of construction, generation and sale of electric power.